Female drivers’ safety issues with uber like services

Uber often claim themselves as a huge job creator, but the missing piece in this picture is women drivers.Only 14% of uber drivers are women. Lyft and Sidecar have 30% and 40% women drivers respectively but they too are not recruiting women at the same rate as men.
Despite ride-hailing services being more reliable and safe with GPS options women feel less secure to get behind the wheels.However they paint a better picture than just 12.7% US women taxi drivers and 1% New York cabbie women drivers.
Women feel that vulnerable when picking up random strangers and working late nights.These fears get stronger after troubling incidents and loops in safety policies.
Shudddle and Hopskipdrive are transportation services exclusively for kids where the drivers are women in majority.This is because women feel safe and secure driving for kids and the companies hire drivers with caregiver experience ,who mostly tend to be women.
Women are good for a company’s image they tend to be less risky and less costly to insure.Female passengers would also have sense of security with a female behind the wheel.When companies require many drivers to meet its increasing demand leaving behind half of the population is not a wise option.
Uber is also criticized for not taking up women drivers’ safety as serious as the passenger’s safety issues.Drivers with rating as low as 4 can possible get fired but whereas passengers with low rating are not removed from the uber platform.
Uber has realized this and tried to bring in more women into the service.The company has pleged to create 1 million jobs for women by 2020.

Lyft makes sure uber does not have monopoly

In Silicon Valley dominance or monopoly over a particular field is not very uncommon and popular examples are Google in search engine, facebook in the social networking and amazon in e-commerce.But lyft cautions that uber does not have such monopoly on taxi hailing services in US market.
Lyft has raised totally $2 billion funds with General Motors (G.M) and has also announced that they would be developing software for self driving cars along with G.M.
These are somethings that lyft claims to show that Uber cannot over-power lyft even in the long run,which generally tends to happen with technology based companies.
Monopoly is not all bad given it is acquired through the products quality compared to rivals and not through sheer manipulation of the market.Monopoly of the industrial age and the digital age is quite different.
Acquiring monopoly happens through networking in digital era.When a product becomes valuable and other services doing it also gains through it so it becomes a network of service.There is always a wide and open marketplace on the internet where users have choices so monopoly is not that easy.
Though there are anti-trust regulators taking on big techies like google and Microsoft, state their monopoly should be regulated.Some of their claims also include facebook’s acquisition of whatsapp and instagram as a monopoly.
But monopoly is not all bad as it can have positive effects on the market as it leads to predatory behavior and create better products to stay in dominance in the long run.

Uber and Lyft are battling together in Austin

Transporatation network companies (TNC) like uber and lyft and their safety standards have been subject to serious criticism, legal battles and in some countries uber has also been banned.
In Austin the battle between the the city council and the ride sharing company is heating up.The city council has proposed that the ride sharing services should follow norms like finger print based background checks ,the same way as other transporation services.
The Silicon Valley major’s consider thsese regulations do not go well with a technologically new company like theirs and these were the rules that would suit only the 20th century industries.However most drivers feel that getting fingerprinted is not an issue, it is neither time consuming nor costly.
But the companies are opposing so strongly to these regulations as they are not just interested in land transportation, they want to move into every shareable transportation services.UberEATS ,the food transporation service is an example.They don’t want to be tied down by regulations which would hamper their growth in the future.
To win this battle uber and lyft together have gone to the extent of crushing their political opponents.In Austin their target is Council woman Ann Kitchen,She was haeding the committee that proposed the regulations to be applied to ride sharing services.
Uber and Lyft drafted a petion which wanted the city to adopt either to put the proposed to measure to vote or introduce an ordinance with reduced restrictions.
Now the city is going on to a referendum where the voters get to decide the fate of these ride sharing services.

12 Transportation Services on Demand in Asia


Uber is a U.S. based ride sharing company, which entered Asia three years ago covering its largest market including India and China.

Its service varies as it offers Vans in Hong Kong, cash payment in India along with Southeast Asia and licensed vehicles in Korea.

Didi Kuaidi:

It is considered to be China’s biggest ride sharing company with some rivals like Didi Dache and Didi Kuaidi merged. It beats Uber with its service in 360 cities and seven million rides per day, which is very less when compared to Uber.


It is an Indian transportation company leading Uber in its market. Its services are available in more than 100 cities in India in different vehicles like Auto rickshaws, cars and hatchbacks.


It is Southeast Asian company started its operation in Malaysia and now headquartered in Singapore. It also started its service with licensed car, but now it extended further with motorbikes and carpooling technique.

Yidao Yongche:

It is a three year old on-demand private car service. It accounts three percent less than china’s market, but still they didn’t stop their video company.

Easy Taxi:

This service was started in South America, but its effort to expand in Asia failed. Its service is open in many countries.

Meru cabs:

It was founded in 2007 as a cab operator, but now it covers 23 cities with 20,000 licensed taxis.


This is a Hong Kong based company which allows people to move goods with the help of rented trucks. This service is popular for events like moving house and it is in the business of on-demand logistics.


This company works in a similar way like GoGoVan where it is in the business of on-demand logistics. This is a two year old company which uses motorbikes, vans and trucks for goods movement.

Go Jek:

It will be the next big transportation system in Southeast Asia, covering rides, food deliveries and logistics.


It is a one year old company displaying the auto rickshaws of the company online.


It allows shuttl buses to provide intra city travel and the company has raised millions of funding.

Uber’s surge pricing is a disgrace to its users and tips to avoid it

 Uber, the most used online ride hailing service has been very lenient with ride fares on its users in order to expand its service wider and the strategy never seems to fail. Lately, Uber is very frequent with surge pricing due to various crisis which includes terror attacks, rain storms and so on. The company has even come up with not-so-convincing reasons for the surge pricing. They say it is due to the supply of drivers and is looking forward to increase the number of drivers working for it. But things usually work against the company’s plan because riders do not prefer rides with high fare. The users are not convinced with the service and there is always a drop in Uber’s market revenue during surge pricing. However, the company’s spokesperson does not seem to give in to the critics and still try to justify its action.

If you still want to take an Uber taxi without having to pay higher fares, there are two ways you can try. When higher ride fares show up on the app, try finding a cab after few minutes, there are chances you could find one for cheaper fares. Another sneaky little way to avoid the surge pricing is to go to a different location and then give it a try. Who knows, it could be your day, you will end up taking a cab for a lower ride fare!

Uber-Wannabes expect to be as successful as Uber

Uber, the online ride hailing company is a massive hit across the globe. I believe several people only know Uber service and not know any other service, very impressive! The company is known for its fame and controversies as well. It has very good reviews and response from its riders and the company never fails to surprise them by introducing exciting deals. Uber’s massive success has triggered a hunger for victory in many startup companies. They have even gone a step ahead by adding the word “uber” to their official names. Recently, Uber- of-whatsoever trend is doing the talk, good job copycats! Now, to top it all, the so called “Uber- Wannabes” are expecting to be as successful as Uber.


Copycat ventures like GigSalad, SpareFoot, SQFT and many more are using the word Uber for marketing purposes. They strongly believe people would invest time and money in them since it has the majestic word “Uber”, or you can even call it as a magical word. People across several countries are familiar with Uber, be it good or bad, they all know what Uber does. The company does not have any issues with these startup ventures looking to make money using its name. It has not released any official statement regarding the issue! Meanwhile, the spokespersons of these startup companies admit they are trying to share the giant Uber’s success and also wish someday people would use their names as well for their future projects.

Uber’s local rival Ola in India

Uber is not so unfamiliar with the controversies. It has been fined so many times by many countries for violating the laws. One such is Pennsylvanian government has fined the company for operating within the city without acquiring the government’s permission. Pennsylvanian Public Utility Commission has decided to fine Uber with $50 million dollars. Similarly, California has also fined the company with $7 million dollars for not providing important information to the state’s bus and taxi regulator earlier this year. The Pennsylvanian government is also planning to charge the company with fine for ignoring requests from the State’s regulator. The Uber service was also charged fine for having uncertified drivers in the city. However, Uber has decided to fight back the charges imposed by the government. The fine recommended by the government is subject to PUC’s approval.

Uber’s rival Lyft faced a similar charge in the past, but the fine was much lesser than Uber’s. The Lyft service paid around $250,000 dollars as a charged fine. The severity of the Uber service’s fine is because of the company’s intentional defiance of the rules. And a serious penalty would put off future violations. Uber’s spokesperson said that the company is expecting the charge to get further down than the initial recommendation. Uber is very sure about not reducing its efforts to lower the charge. It is even putting up a great fight against the pennyslavinian government. Let us hope the company comes up with a better petition to lift the charge!

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Uber’s official company in Indonesia


The online ride hailing transport company, Uber is planning to start up an official company in Indonesia. When the Uber service is literally falling apart in the country by not gaining any profit, it has decided to open up a company. Uber application’s business activities in Indonesia were coordinated through its Southeast Asia branch office. The plan of establishing a company is expected to be complete by the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016. The San Francisco-based online transportation application has been operating in Indonesia for almost a year. The application has continued to face serious phenomena, mostly from the Jakarta administration, concerning the fact that it is a technology based business company and not a transportation provider. The company is carrying out its business application activities through its representative offices. Uber’s representatives are very serious about opening an official company in Jakarta.

Indonesia has not yet licensed the regulation that manages the operations of mobile application industries. Uber’s spokesperson promises Indonesian government would be happy to work with the company. Since Uber has not taken any of its shares from the profit up until now, the company is keen in establishing an official head office in the country. The company is also planning to give away 80 percent of the profit to the drivers while keeping the rest 20 percent with itself. The reason behind Uber’s loss in the country is due to the absence of a clear regulation in mobile phone application businesses.

Uber’s run out of drivers in Germany


Uber is the most famous online transport service that is considered to be a serious contender to many other services. Despite the company’s fame and popularity, it is also known for its controversies across the globe. Many cities have even banned Uber for lifetime. But there is another new problem arising in Germany, Uber has run out of drivers! Seriously, are you guys even kidding me? It is not another national ban or a so called “illegal service”. Uber is facing quite a hard time in finding drivers across many cities in Germany.

The reason behind the shortage of drivers is German government’s strict law. The government wants the drivers to own a certified and valid taxi license. The company has backed off from Hamburg, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, leaving the Uber service to be banned from these cities.  Uber has been in use and is constantly operating across Berlin and Munich.  The company announces it plans to reach out the intensified dialogue to the law makers of German government in high hopes of expanding the service to other cities as well.  The Uber service wants to demolish the severe negotiation by the government. It wants to rule out the law and pull in the drivers to its service. Many Germans fear of taking a certified and valid license due to the cost of money charged for it.  Hence the German government needs to lift the law so that Uber can benefit from the rest of the cities across Germany!

Uber’s plan to cover the entire US


Uber is a world famous online transport service that is operating in many countries across the globe. It is very popular in the United States of America. Although 75% of the country is covered, Uber is now trying to cover the rest of the country. The company wants to make sure that every person in the country is benefited by the service. The idea sounds like an impossible one, but indeed a possible one by Uber. New York is one among the other states where Uber is trying to establish its connections. The state has several rural areas and harsh places that are difficult to cover. But the company is not trying to lose the hope. It is in fact doing its best to reach the impossible! After that, the company is trying to launch new products like UberEats, UberEats, and UberPool. Uber’s spokesperson promises to offer on-demand cab facility to every possible person in America. 80% of population living in urban areas is easy to reach out whereas 16% is unreachable because they live in rural areas. Drivers from those places put forward many complaints such as less passenger demand, trip revenue being small to cover gas, etc. Irregular cellular service is one among the other barriers that fall in the category. Achieving 100 percent coverage is more useful in competing against Lyft. Also, one needs to agree that 100% would look attractive with taglines in advertisements! At times, Uber’s CEO sounds boastful when he tries to explain the advantages to the media!

Lately, Uber has been struck with many controversies such as sexual assaults, but the company seems to be running successful because of its fame and reach. Uber keeps an eye on two things, the number of people who have tried to sign up to be drivers and the number of people who open the app to look for a cab. These two metrics play an important role in the new initiatives across the country. However, Uber needs to make arrangements for the drivers across the remote cities. Raising the raid fee would do an immense help to the small town drivers!